Immigrant Survival Manual

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 [About The Manual] [About The Manual En Espanol]


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  • Shipping is included in these prices.
  • Our goal is to make this booklet easily available for a low price or even for free to all who would benefit from it, both in the U.S. and overseas. Any profits will go toward the publication of the next booklets in this series, including versions printed in other languages.
  • Ask about our special discounts for: non-profit organizations which want to distribute the booklet to your members and those you serve, for free or for a donation, or for a fund raiser ; educational programs which want to use the booklet to teach English and/or Spanish; international orders.
  • Donations are gladly accepted and will be used to provide the booklets to those families who are struggling financially. (For donations, simply put instructions in the comment section, or send your donation comment to , such as : “I am paying for five copies–please ship two and give three away or print extra copies with the extra dollars.” )

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