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ATTENTION:   Town Hall Meeting/Public Forum
DATE:       To Be Announced
TIME:      To Be Announced
WHERE:  To Be Announced
PURPOSE: To separate the myths from the facts and educate the public about
our new immigrant neighbors, immigration issues in general, and the new GA
immigration law (HB87),  and to bring all the diverse elements of our
community together to work together to solve our real problems (jobs,
healthcare, education, public safety).

THEME:  “We are one people and together we can survive
and advance in spite of the vested interests attempting to divide us.”

WHO:  Panel members who are experts on immigration issues, community
development (including jobs), and human and civil rights–and YOU–the
community. (This will be an interactive forum and will be the first of a
series being held around the county.)

Rich Pellegrino, Director of the Cobb Immigrant Alliance, stated:
“The new immigration bill, HB87, signed into law by Governor Deal on Friday,
May 13th, is another unfunded mandate and diversionary tactic, based on
myths, targeting and scapegoating our new immigrant neighbors while costing
the state’s taxpayers millions, and not solving either the
immigrant/immigration problems or the community’s real issues of jobs and
the economy. It is time for the residents of South Cobb to come and work
together to solve our real issues and not let our energies and attention be
diverted by these tactics of separation–for we are one people and together
we can survive and advance regardless of those vested interests seeking to
divide us.”

CONTACT:  Rich Pellegrino, Director of the Cobb Immigrant Alliance (CIA)

ORGANIZATION:  Cobb Immigrant Alliance

VOICE PHONE NUMBER:  404-573-1199

EMAIL ADDRESS:  pilgrim1@mindspring.com

Talking Points for Press Conference

We are one people and together we can survive and advance in spite of the vested interests attempting to divide us.

  • There are vested interests who attempt to divide the community into racial and economic groups and pit them against one another in order to maintain the power of those vested interests. The national immigration debate, especially in the GA and some other states, is heavily influenced by these vested interests–two of which are the private-prison lobby and the white supremacist movement. Both have influenced and assisted GA legislators who drafted HB87–the so-called immigration reform bill.– with their monetary and other forms of support.
  • We know that regardless of our diverse races, cultures, faiths, immigration and economic status—that we are one people—and we will stand together regardless of any attempts to divide and conquer.
  • When one does not have truth on his side then he must create myths. Two of the most often spoken myths by the anti-immigrant legislators and crowd are :
  • 1) The undocumented immigrants are draining our economy. The truth, which is revealed in all independent audits and studies conducted by think-tanks, government agencies and the state and federal level, and others–is that they are contributing millions more into our economy than they will ever receive in services.  The fact is that the financial mismanagement and corrupt dealings of these same legislators, at both the state and national level, and of the financiers on Wall Street, are the cause of our economic problems and they are cowardly using immigrants as their scapegoats.
  • 2) The state has to act and pass these bills (which have already been found unconstitutional in AZ) because the federal government has not done anything. While that has a shade of truth, which myths often have, it was largely these same politicians, including the Governor when he was in Congress, and their party, who blocked all attempts of both the Obama and Bush administrations to enact comprehensive immigration reform which would address all of these issues. (In fact, Bush supported the bi-partisan efforts of and bill introduced by McCain and Kennedy however they were all fought down by the conservative, right wing of their party–which interestingly are the same folk who are proposing these state bills.) This is utter hypocrisy.
  • Not since the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 was anyone in GA required to carry and show their papers proving their status–and under this bill (HB87) everyone, not just new immigrants, will have to do so! This is the biggest erosion of our civil and human rights since the abolition of Jim Crow in the south.
  • Most Georgians and Americans are uninformed and misinformed regarding these facts and that is why any polls regarding their feelings about immigration are completely skewed. We will be conducting ongoing events to properly inform them with the facts rather than fear-based myths. A list of these events will be posted on www.laboroflovecampaign.org
  • Arizona passed its similar bill SB1070 a year ago and it has lost millions in  economic revenue , jobs lost, business closures, and in legal fees fighting lawsuits against the bill (the main provisions of which have been struck down by two Federal courts, as will HB 87). Who will foot the bill for all this in Georgia: taxpayers!
  • The main organizations helping GA legislators to draft these bills and mobilize support for them have been labeled as hate groups and are founded by Dr. Tanton who professed eugenics and white superiority used to justify genocide against other races. (His statements in this regard will be cited on the info sheet given to the press.)
  • We are not against anyone but are for oneness, justice and truth–and none of those standards were considered in this bill.
  • 12 million undocumented immigrants did not sneak into this country–they were invited here for cheap and productive labor by every government and corporate entity–which means by every citizen who votes, owns stock, and buys food, clothing, and shelter–and that means every one of us invited them. It is inhuman, un-American, un-Christian, and unbelievable to even think of shipping them back after they have worked so hard for us, set down roots and have children and families here–just like our immigrant ancestors did (many of whom were also persecuted and considered “illegal” or worse by the vested interests of those times).

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